Note: Only the public speaking schedule is published below. Not all speaking engagements are listed due to the nature of the invitation.

For inquiries on setting up a speaking date with Nate Bramsen, contact him by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the page.


2019 Schedule

October 4 Raleigh, NC

October 6 Wilmington Bible Chapel, North Carolina

October 7-16 PHILIPPINES

October 19-20 Palos Hills, Chicago, Illinois

October 24-27 Spanish Wells, BAHAMAS

November 3 Mumbai, INDIA

November 15-21 Kingston, JAMAICA

December 15 Concord Community Church, Anderson, SC



2020 Schedule

January 4-5 MALAYSIA

January 6-10 MYANMAR

January 10-12 SINGAPORE

February 1 CALIFORNIA Missions Conference (San Francisco/Bay Area)

February 2 Fairhaven Bible Chapel (Bay Area)

February 16 Bear Lake Bible Chapel

February 19-25 Miami, FL (Missions Conference and assemblies)

February 19 Believer’s Assembly of South Florida/p>

February 21-22 Boulevard Bible Chapel

February 23 Bible Truth Chapel

March 13-15 26 Below SOUTH (Traveler’s Rest, SC)

March 22-29 Shannon Hills Bible Chapel, Greensboro, NC

April 1-6 CYPRUS

May 2-11 Green Turtle Cay, BAHAMAS

May 15-18 Kelowna, CANADA

May 22-25 Youth Conference (New Jersey) 

May 31 Mamora Gospel Chapel, NJ

June 7-13 Mountain Top Youth Camp (North Carolina)

June 28 Bethel Bible Camp (Woolwine, VA)

June 30-July 6 Skyland Bible Conference (Bluefield, VA)

July 6-9 Galilee Discipleship Training

August 29-30 Immanuel Bible Chapel, Minneapolis, MN

September 5-7 Camp Hope Retreat, GA

September 12-22 Sunrise Christian (Wichita, KS)

September 27 Bear Lake Bible Chapel

October 15-25 Holy Land Tour (Israel)

October 30-November 1 Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp Retreat

November 6-7 Ottawa Missions Conference (Ottawa, CANADA)

November 8 Branford Missions Conference (Branford, CANADA)

November 13-14 Toronto Missions Conference

November 15 Markham Assembly (Toronto, CANADA)



2021 Schedule

May 14-16 Claremont Bible Chapel, Los Angeles, California

June 18-20 Edmonton, CANADA

June 30-July 2 Indian Brethren Fellowship (IBF), (Indiana)

July 3-9 Skyland Bible Conference (Bluefield, VA)


2022 Schedule

May 13-15  Claremont Bible Chapel, Los Angeles, CA