When Jesus Crashes a Funeral

  • 13 September 2015
Release Date: September 13, 2015
Unfiltered Episode #89
"An Encounter with Jesus" Series Part 9

Despair, delay, deterioration, discouragement, and ultimately death permeate our society, but none of these things are the last chapter. How often in life do we have an agenda for Jesus to fulfill, yet HE seems to be working all around us yet ignoring our issue! Is this your situation? Are you frustrated and exhausted? Are you discouraged? Angry? Feeling resentment? Just exhausted? Do you sometimes walk away from God because you simply see nothing good that could come out of your pain, your crisis? Or, perhaps because you deem no good God could ever allow such things to happen? You aren’t alone. This is often, the pulsating emotion of our soul. But what if we are missing the end of the story? This podcast goes there.